DIY Portable Personel Air Purifier

I have recently noticed an increase in the number of times that the topic of “How to limit exposure during unavoidable events?” is coming up in conversations and online, thus prompting me to revisit a D.I.Y. project that I built to allow me to attend/participate in my daughters wedding in 2009.

DIY Portable Personel Air Purifier

For this project, you will need a few hardware items plus a few different types of fasteners and a fan grill of some kind. I have provided a list of the hardware items along with Amazon links for both Canada and U.S.A. below, I literally put mine together with Duct Tape and Mechanics Wire plus a pair of Elastic Straps originally designed to keep your pant leg out of your bike chain.


P.C.I. Slot Fan.

Battery Holders

Activated Charcoal Filter Bag


Most of this is obvious from the included photos.

For the power side of this project, we are wiring the 2 battery blocks in series. connect the black wire from one to the red wire on the other. Clip the connector off the wires for the P.C.I. fan and connect them to the corresponding wires from the battery blocks. I recommend you install batteries and make sure that the fan is drawing air in the flat side and out the top before finalizing your connections. On/Off is provided by adding or removing the final battery.

You will need to find or make something to keep the filter bag from touching (and stopping) the fan.

Fasten it all together and drop it into a purse, camera bag, etc. Use as needed to direct a stream of filtered air directly at your face.